Monstaka Chip-Tuning South Africa

MONSTAKA is renowned brands distributor (COSWORTH, ALCON, HKS, WHITELINE, DODSON …) but above all a structure which is to advise you in preparing your self and focus. Surrounded by engineers and technicians graduates by brands such as MoTeC, certify COBB, Haltech, EcuTeK, AEM, and accredited degrees in race engine calibration , MONSTAKA also has in its team of hardware engineers and software large schools. We work in close relationship with most of the manufacturers we represent both the test and development as in the manufacture of new products and processes.

We constantly stock about 1000 products and can help you in your preparation, both engine, chassis, braking and alleviation.

We have teams of very high-tech measuring tools such as our bench DynaPack DAQPLUS 55 capable of braking on 4 wheels up to 2778 horsepower. The advantage of our bench is to repeat our measurements unconstrained skating or tires, as is the case with traditional bench due to its design. It also offers total security for your self since each bank is fixed on your hubs (no risk of leaving the bench has more than 250km / h with a strap loose or twist an aluminum arms as little unfortunately happen on a bench roller. Our measurement system is equipped with powerful weather station and numerous pressure sensors, wealth, and various temperature sensors necessary to the proper development of your self. This calibration tool meets the measurement standard STP / DIN 70020 / SAE / SAE J1349.

MONSTAKA’s probably the only entity Francaise whose preparations exceeding the 1000cv are common. We act both on road cars, track, side racing, rally, endurance and run. Our two shows for NISSAN 350Z over 1000cv engine and GT-R35 has 1000cv over the wheel (1250hp engine) is just one example of our research and development. MONSTAKA often directly and indirectly involved in records set in the world of the GT-R.Our last R35 was established in the early years of the power on record VR38 engine in the GT-R score and boring standard on petrol drive. We worked for many companies preparing french, european and American in the supply of equipment as well as a study desk for the development of their projects.

Monstaka Nissan R35 GTR BRZ GT86 South Africa chiptuning

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