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Services We Provide

Chip Tuning

ECU Technologies are specialists in the performance tuning of engine management systems for cars, vans and HGV Vehicles.

Ecu Exchange Units

If your ECU is irreparable, we will remove all your information from your old ECU, and we will transfer it into another fully functional ECU.

Ecu Repairs

The engine control unit (ECU) is one of the most complex and expensive components fitted to modern vehicles. ECU stands for "Engine Control Unit."

Franchising Opportunity

Looking to start your own business in the Car and Performance department?

Immobilizer Removal

We have the specialist equipment, programmers and other in-house developed products that allow us to repair most immobilizers.

Immobilizer Repair

If you are currently having problems with your cars immobilizer then we have the the answers that you need to get your car running again.

Sprinter/Vito Start Error

If your Mercedes Sprinter or Vito displays START ERROR then normally taking this to the dealers can be very expensive.

Truck Ecu MR(PLD) Repairs

We specialize in giving your vehicle the proper treatment it deserves by getting it fully functional again.