ChipTuning Vehicle list update: Nissan


Nissan 350Z 3500 V6

Nissan Almera 1500 dci

Nissan Almera 2200 dci

Nissan GT-R 3800 V6 Turbo

Nissan Interstar 1900 dci

Nissan Interstar 2200 dci

Nissan Interstar 2500 16V dci

Nissan Interstar 3000 dci

Nissan Juke 1500 dci

Nissan Kubistar 1500 dci

Nissan LP300 2500 TD

Nissan Micra 1500 dci

Nissan Murano 2.5 TD

Nissan Navara 2500 TD

Nissan Note 1500 dci

Nissan NP300 2500 TD

Nissan NV200 1500dci

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 TD

Nissan Pathfinder 2500 TD

Nissan Patrol 3000 DI

Nissan Presage 2.5 TD

Nissan Primastar 1900 dci

Nissan Primastar 2000 dci

Nissan Primastar 2500 dci

Nissan Primera 2000 TDI

Nissan Primera 1900 8V dci

Nissan Primera 2200 dci

Nissan Quashqai 1500 dci

Nissan Quashqai 2000 dci

Nissan Terrano 2700 TDI

Nissan X-Trail 2200 dci

Nissan X-Trail 2000 dci

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