Start your own Chiptuning – ECU Remapping Business

Start out on your own – or add to existing business

Interested in what you have read on our website?
Our Chip Tuning dealer network is growing daily but due to the high demand for our service we will always welcome new agents.

As an agent you will only have to perform a few simple steps to tune / remap a customers vehicles and we will do the delicate work to optimise the file to improve the engines power, torque and fuel economy.

How it works

1. Use the tool we supply to read the original settings from the customer‘s car.
2. Send the settings file to us via the internet.
3. We will do all the hard work tuning the file for optimum power torque and fuel economy.
4. We will send the modified file back to you.
5. You upload the new settings to the car with a touch of a button.
6. It‘s that easy!


This is what you will get 


• The latest in tuning technology.
• Full training package for reading and writing ECUs if needed its pretty easy
• Support via Telephone, msn or e-mail – we‘re there if you need us!
• Full instructions.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can offer you