K-TAG: new Ford, Mahindra, Kia, Hyundai and Nissan models now available

K-TAG is a tool that guarantees you the exclusivity of certain protocols, in fact, thanks to this latest update, the Alientech customers will be able to work exclusively in Boot on the new Ford Kuga version mounted with a 1.5 Ecoboost engine, which supports a Continental EMS2513 ECU, controlled by a microcontroller TC1791.


The Alientech programming tool is extremely adaptable: it is suitable for all your needs, you will be able to work on brands sold worldwide, with two different working solutions, in Boot and in Service Mode (SM).

The connection between the ECU and K-TAG can be done by Boot mode, i.e. with open ECU connection or by Service Mode (SM), thus allowing you to work directly on bench, with opening the ECU.

These functions are both available for the protocol that support the ECU Bosch MEG17.9.21, with TC1724

 Microcontroller, mounted on the most recent vehicles like Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris, Verna, Accent and Cerato.


The Alientech researchers are very attentive to the market’s requirements: the number of compatibles ECU is truly high, and, in this way, you will be also able to concentrate on a new trend rapidly growing, such as the repairing. We have added to our list, some of the vehicles used for extreme duties or for movements: Blazo truck and Titan XD pick-up.

The truck that belongs to the Indian car manufacturer Mahindra, with a selling market especially in India and South-East Asia, mounts a 7.2 diesel Turbocharged engine, equipped with a Bosch EDC17CV54 ECU and a TC1767 microcontroller. K-TAG supports in Boot its latest versions: X55, X49, X42, X40, X46, X35 and X28.

The pick-up Titan XD is exclusively supported by K-TAG in Boot, with a Cummins 5.0L turbo diesel V8 engine, with EDC17CP51, mounted on models released from 2016 to today.


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