BMW e92 325i FRM3 E87 E92 E93 XE 6135 9230450-01 Repair

We offer a 1 year warranty when our trained specialists repair your vehicle’s FRM (Footwell Module), instead of having BMW replace the entire unit for you.

FRM Repair for BMW e92 325i

Car Details: BMW e92 325i

FRM Details: FRM3 E87 E92 E93 XE

Software Version: 6135 9230450-01

Common Issues with Footwell Module:

  • Windows not working
  • Flickers/Indicators not working
  • Interior lights stay on
  • Main headlights stay on

FRM Repair for BMW e92 325i

This unit is placed on the driver’s side kick panel and is very easy to remove.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, get in touch with us today or email us at

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