ECU Mapping and Chip Tuning – Cape Town

ECU Technologies are specialists in the performance tuning of engine management systems for cars, vans and HGV Vehicles. Not only do we have years of extensive development and knowledge in the engine management side of the business but we also have years of mechanical knowledge which is fundamentally important for any tuner who knows what they’re doing!

We specialize in tuning cars through the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port. This means that we can optimize your vehicles performance by uploading new software with more efficient values, resulting in higher performance, torque and even economy. This service is available for most vehicles from 2000 onwards.

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ECU Technologies has many dealers world wide who we offer tuning tools, files, and support to.
Would you like improved fuel economy?
More Power and Torque?
Enhanced Throttle Response?
Smooth driving experience?

Put us to the test, and contact us for a free quote

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