ChipTuning Vehicle list update: Ford


Ford Fiesta VI 1000 8V

Ford Fiesta VI 1200 16V

Ford Fiesta VI 1400 16V

Ford Fiesta VI 1400 TDCI

Ford Fiesta VI 1600 16V

Ford Fiesta VI 1600 8V

Ford Fiesta VI 1600 TDCI

Ford Fiesta VI 2000 16V ST

Ford Fiesta VII 1200 16V

Ford Fiesta VII 1400 16V

Ford Fiesta VII 1400 TDCI

Ford Fiesta VII 1600 16V TI-VCT

Ford Fiesta IV 1200 16V

Ford Fiesta IV 1400 16V

Ford Fiesta IV 1600 16V

Ford Fiesta V 1300 8V

Ford Fiesta V 1400 16V

Ford Fiesta V 1800 TD

Ford Focus 1400 16V

Ford Focus 1600 16V

Ford Focus 1800 16V

Ford Focus 1800 TDCI

Ford Focus 1800 TDDI

Ford Focus 2000 16V

Ford Focus II 1600 16V

Ford Focus II 1600 16V TDCI

Ford Focus II 1600 TDCI

Ford Focus II 1800 16V FLEXYFUEL

Ford Focus II 1800 TDCI

Ford Focus II 2000 16V

Ford Focus II 2000 TDCI

Ford Focus RS 2000 16V Turbo 215BHP

Ford Focus C-MAX 1600 16V TDCI

Ford Focus C-MAX 1800 TDCI

Ford Focus C-MAX 2000 TDCI

Ford Fusion 1400 16V

Ford Fusion 1400 TDCI

Ford Fusion 1600 16V

Ford Fusion 1600 16V TDCI

Ford Fusion 2300 16V

Ford Fusion 3000 V6

Ford Galaxy 1800 TDCI

Ford Galaxy 1900 TDI

Ford Galaxy 2000 16V

Ford Galaxy 2000 TDCI

Ford Galaxy 2200 TDCI

Ford Galaxy 2300 16V

Ford Galaxy 2800 V6 24V

Ford Galaxy II 1800 TDCI

Ford Galaxy II 2000 16V

Ford Galaxy II 2000 TDCI

Ford KA 1000 8V

Ford KA 13008V

Ford KA II 1300 16V TDCI

Ford KA II 1300 TDCI

Ford KA II 1600 16V

Ford Kuga 2000 TDCI

Ford Maverick 3.0 V6

Ford Mondeo 1600 16V

Ford Mondeo 1800 16V

Ford Mondeo 1800 TDDI

Ford Mondeo II 1800 16V

Ford Mondeo II 2000 16V

Ford Mondeo II 2000 TDCI

Ford Mondeo II ST200 2500 V6

Ford Mondeo III 2000 TDCI

Ford Mondeo III 2200 TDCI

Ford Mondeo IV 1800 TDCI

Ford Mondeo IV 2000 16V

Ford Mondeo IV 2000 TDCI

Ford Mondeo IV 2200 TDCI

Ford Mondeo ST24 2500 V6

Ford Mondeo II 2200 TDCI

Ford Mustang GT 4600 V8

Ford Mustang GT 5400 V8

Ford Mustang GT 500 4600 V8

Ford Puma 1400 16V

Ford Puma 1600 16V

Ford Puma Racing 1700 16V

Ford Puma VCT 1700 16V

Ford Ranger 2.5 TDI

Ford Ranger 2300 16V

Ford Ranger 3.o TDI

Ford Ranger 3000 V6

Ford Ranger 4000 V6

Ford S-Max 1800 TDCI

Ford S-Max 2000 TDCI

Ford S-Max 2200 TDCI

Ford S-Max+ 2000 TDCI

Ford S-Max+ 2200 TDCI

Ford ThunderBird 3800 V6

Ford Tourneo 1800 TDCI

Ford Transit 2000 DDI

Ford Transit 2000 TDDI

Ford Transit 2400 DDI

Ford Transit 2400 TDDI

Ford Transit Connect 1800 TDCI

Ford Transit VI 2000 TDCI

Ford Transit VII 2200 TDCI

Ford Transit VII 2400 TDCI

Ford Transit V 2400 DDI

Ford Windstar 3000 V6

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